Product upgrades help brand differentiation

The upgrade of the image is only the first step. It determines the consumer's first impression of the brand, but to become the best choice for consumers, they must finally speak with the product! Therefore, taking root in the market, investing in what you like, and making products that consumers like are kings!

Zicai Textiles knows the essence of this year. Every year, it organizes R&D personnel to participate in the Frankfurt exhibition in Germany and the Paris Home Show in France. It learns international cutting-edge design, understands fashion trends, broadens its horizons and inspiration, and at the same time builds a fundamental land and does a good job in the main distribution areas of the country. Research, research the preferences of the target consumer groups, and design products that are truly suitable for the market.

 After 80 and 90, it is the main consumer of the current and future N years of consumption. This group of people has obvious labels. The pursuit of a product is not purely practical value, but more is   whether the cultural value behind the product fits with itself.

 Zicai Textiles products have a clear subdivision style, a low-key   gentleman style, a luxurious romantic tone, a fresh literary fan, a   retro girly, a trending individuality, a classical oriental beauty,   each style Corresponding to a group of people, allowing   consumers to talk to products in the process of consumption, or   even let products speak for consumers, a style that conveys a   value and a way of life.