Some maintenance methods for bedding

There are a lot of things to pay attention to in Home Textiles. If you want to increase the service life of the products, we need to pay attention when we use them. For the maintenance method of bedding, it can generally be summarized as "four to three".

You can do:

  1. The damage to the items after the moisture is great. In particular, the invasion of textile articles is very strong. Therefore, the dry maintenance of the bedding is an important part of ensuring its longevity and comfort. When you don't sleep, you often open the window and breathe. You can change the air in the room and let the bed be "breathed".

  2. often wash the pillowcases and sheets of the bedding. It is easy to bring the dust and bacteria on the bed when you are tired for a day. Especially the pillows, when the weather is cold, few people wash their hair every day. This causes the pillow to be dirty. Regular cleaning is not only necessary to wash away dirt and bacteria but also to maintain the life and comfort of the bedding.

  3. For the autumn and winter season, the bedding is not often washed. Be sure to keep the four-piece bedding clean and tidy. Don't throw the changed clothes on the bed. It is best to go to bed after washing every day. Do not allow pets to go to the bedding. You can wear a hat at night without shampooing.

  4. often change the direction of the quilt or bed sheets. Generally speaking, our sleeping postures are relatively fixed, which is easy to cause the bed to be pressed and the range of use is different, resulting in partial wrinkles or fading of the bedding products. It can be reversed every three months or so if it is on both sides of AB. Make the bed balance use.

You should do not: 

  1. Do not Strike hard when you are drying. This is the old tradition of our country. In the past, the reason why the quilt was mostly cotton was not so expensive. Now you can't beat it hard when you tap. The cotton 4 piece bedding set is also better than the past, and it is easy to break the cotton fiber by tapping hard. It can't be done like silk. Fold it after drying, do not use too many layers, try to stay natural.It is the same as other wool and down, not to expose to the sun and long-term exposure. Put it in a ventilated place for a few hours.

  2. Explode when cleaning bedding. Everyone knows the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. It is easy to let the quilt swell if it is exposed to the sun for too long, and it will fall off if it is a cotton bedding. If it is silk, it will deteriorate and the silk will break.

  3. Take out the filled items when you are drying, so the effect of drying is good. For some of the more expensive and not suitable for direct, you can put a layer of gauze on it. It can be protected from damage at high temperatures.