Top Priority: Self-help For Textile Companies

Under the epidemic, sales pressure, labor costs, warehousing and rental expenses coming from various links had driven many companies to think about self-rescue measures. Taobao was founded during the SARS period in 2003, and started to rise in 2004. It was believed that the epidemic would bring drastic changes to the entire industry. Problems were unavoidable, and we needed to actively find solutions. For textile industry in China, this was also the hard time to face.

Store business online, give full play to local instant delivery advantages.

In the short term, offline stores can online store business through small programs and social tools, providing customers with "instant delivery" services to make up for the lag of cross-city logistics; and in the coming months, epidemic battles, brand stores Digital transformation is imminent. Quickly opening online and offline omni-channels, improving supply chain management capabilities, and driving passenger flow to online consumption will be the key to growth.

Target social retail and bring value to shopping guides. 

During the epidemic period, store retail faces two major problems: first, the offline passenger flow is almost zero, and the brand needs to divert the store; second, the shopping guide has nothing to do, but labor costs and rent payment. Facing such a dilemma, how to fully operate the private domain traffic will be the key to breaking the situation. Brands can use digital advertising methods such as social advertising, live broadcast, shopping guide distribution, etc. to extend store sales time, expand store sales scope, and solve the problems of diversion into stores and out of stores. At the same time, train shopping guides to learn to use social tools to acquire customers and sell and service online. After the epidemic, whoever can broaden sales channels, quickly develop new products, and provide consumers with the most needed products based on different scenarios, can quickly reduce the losses caused by the epidemic.

E-commerce platforms are particularly important, and selecting the best platform is the key. 

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