Take you to understand the bed sheets


Concept of bed sheets

We often use bed sheets in our daily life, but do you really know bed sheets? Sheets are one of the textiles used on the bed. Generally, fabrics with soft and warm texture are used. Sheets are used as wide fabrics for bed coverings. Using pure cotton or blended yarns as raw materials, weaving in plain weaves with wide weaving loom using plain weave, twill weave, change weave or jacquard weave. There are all white, plain, color bars, color grid, printing, jacquard, rotten flowers, embroidery and so on. The pattern is beautiful, the surface of the cloth is smooth, the hand feels refreshing, and it is strong and durable. It is a textile with both practicality and decoration.


Characteristic of bed sheets

The fabric is characterized by flexible width, flower color and flower shape. According to the raw materials used, there are two types: cotton and blended. Pure cotton sheets have good breathability and moisture absorption, comfortable and soft feel, thick and wear-resistant. The warp and weft yarns are called single-weave sheets, and the yarns are called full-line sheets. The interlaced yarns are called half-line sheets with the yarn as the warp and the single yarn as the weft. Blended sheets include cotton / polyurethane, cotton / polyester, and cotton / linen products, which have the advantages of easy washing and quick-drying, good scratch resistance, and strong abrasion resistance.


Type of the bed sheets

The length and width of the sheets are determined according to the size of the bed. There is a distinction between Chinese and Western styles.

Quality Chinese bed sheets are generally 210-228 cm in length and 100-200 cm in width. Fabrics usually have heavy textures, variable textures, or joint textures and are thicker in texture.

Western-style sheets are generally about 108 inches in length and 72, 80, 90 inches in width. Generally use plain or twill weave, the texture of the fabric is thin, and the pattern is mostly scattered. Some products are brushed and have good feel and warmth.

Bed linen varieties include all white, plain, stripe, printing, jacquard, brushed and so on.

All-white sheets have a clean white appearance, and are generally woven with natural cotton yarns, and then bleached and whitened.

Plain sheets are dyed in white. Linen sheets are woven from colored yarn (thread). The same tone and different shades are called plain stripes, and the different shades are colored stripes, which are called satin stripes separated by satin and other textures.

The flower patterns of printed sheets include side flowers, medium flowers, strip flowers, diagonal flowers, loose flowers, and four-cornered medium flowers.

The pattern of jacquard sheets is woven with dobby or jacquard machines according to design requirements. After mercerizing, the sheets have the advantages of good gloss, small shrinkage and strong color。