How to choose bedding?

Sleeping well is not only related to the mattress but also to the bed. Bedding is an important key for people to sleep soundly.

First, how to choose bedding?

1. Look at the material

Because the quilt cover and pillowcase have two layers of material, it is hard to see if there is a quality problem. When you buy it, you need to look at the sheets and look at the light. If the textile texture is clear and you can see the textile holes, it means that Top grade, if you find more sizing, feel thick but hard to touch, and the cloth is soft and easy to wrinkle, it is not recommended.

2. Look at the craft detail

Generally speaking, the kits made by regular manufacturers are excellent in craftsmanship, without pinholes, and the surface layer looks more flat and uniform, with clear printing and full gloss. The stitch pitch of flat stitching is generally 10-12 cm, while the pinholes of fake products Obvious, long traces, thin and uneven traces, etc., pay attention to pay attention when buying, do not ignore details.

Second, What are the common materials for bedding?

1. Cotton fabric

This is the most frequently used fabric at present. It has excellent breathability and modestness, and has a soft touch and strong antistatic property. It is highly sought after and loved by the general public. However, the cotton fabric has poor acid resistance and is easy. Wrinkle, pay attention to this defect when buying. well, high quality home textiles supplier that you purchase from us.

2. Satin fabric

This type of texture is mainly woven from pure cotton fibers, but in the course of which has undergone fire treatment, the density of the products is higher, and flexibility and comfort are improved. The advantages of this type of fabric are that it is not easy to deform and easy to dye Delicate and thick insulation is very popular among users, but its production cost will be relatively high.

3. Polyester Cotton Fabric

This kind of texture has excellent toughness, and is durable and wear-resistant, with a long service life. Many consumers also like to use this fabric. In addition, polyester-cotton fabrics have good breathability, light colors and simple styles. There are also obvious advantages in terms of cost performance.

4. Silk fabric

This is a relatively high-grade material with a luxurious decoration effect and an elegant appearance that makes it look more high-end. In addition, it is widely used in high-end villas and other fields, with good comfort and gloss, practicality and decoration. Good, but often the price is more expensive, you can choose according to your needs.