Something you should know about quilt

How to choose a quilt

1.Material: Choose different quilt covers on the market, each with different comfort levels and different prices. In terms of comprehensive convenience, cotton will fall asleep more comfortably, but in terms of cleaning, it is a bit more troublesome, and cotton is easy to wrinkle, and it needs to be spread out in time when it is drying.

2. Color: Choose the bed linen and quilt. The color should match the color of the bedroom. It will make people feel very happy and comfortable. You can choose some warm colors in winter, and cool colors in summer. But if there is a child, it is best to have some cartoons and the like, and the children who are more puzzled also like it.

3. Style: Home textile products also have different styles, such as romantic, retro or luxurious. For example, when they get married, people will choose a red festive type, which depends on personal preferences or reasons for giving them away. Different styles feel different.

4. Price type: According to different consumption concepts, people's choices are different, which depends on their own consumption ability to choose.

5. Size: If you use it yourself, you can fully follow the size of your bed and quilt. If you give it away, you need to ask clearly, so as not to use the wrong size, you can’t use it, especially the quilt.

6. Brands: There are many brands of home textiles, big brands and small brands are everywhere. Some people are used to it, and they will only identify the same brand. This is of course a good habit, but the same brand, same quality color price to choose from, you can buy more affordable and favorite.

The future of Home Textile Industry

The potential of the functional home textile market is huge. Core Viewpoints: With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to their own health care, and pursue "green, healthy, and environmentally friendly" home textiles. In the period when the profits of traditional home textiles are gradually declining, functional home textiles have become the focus of many home textile companies. Functional home textiles are the addition of high-tech technologies such as far infrared, magnetic therapy, lavender aromatherapy, and anions to traditional home textiles to play a role in health care, treatment, and regulation of human functions. Trend 10: Industry standards are gradually improving. Core Opinions: In order for the home textile market to develop healthily, standardizing the market competition order is a necessary measure. Relevant departments will continue to introduce various industry standards to promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. With the successive introduction of standards, the threshold of the home textile industry has also increased, and some manufacturers with no strength have been eliminated.