A promising future of home textiles

Bedding mainly including the suite, quilt core, pillow core three categories, according to the value calculation, suite accounted for about 45%, quilt core accounted for about 35%, pillow core and other accounted for about 20%.The total market size is about 100 billion.

With the improvement of consumers' consumption level and consumption structure, consumers' demand for home textile products is not only reflected in the home textile products themselves, but also pay more attention to their cultural taste, especially the matching with the overall home decoration style.Therefore, the present home textile industry is not only selling a piece of cloth, more and more is providing the whole house soft decoration solutions, providing supporting design solutions, has been from the single display of fabric to the overall soft decoration trend development, fully reflects the ability of industry integration.

The Home Textile manufacturers with an eye for innovation have successfully explored the traditional textiles and shaped them into sophisticated end-products.These products not only suit the trendy market and attract the trendy generation but also have helped in reviving the dying traditional crafts.This artistry has opened a novel pipeline for all the consumers to decorate their home by contemporary designs thereby enriching the interiors.

Under the concept of "Home furnishing", the cross-boundary integration of home textile industry is becoming more and more obvious.Home textile enterprises will leave the single role of material supplier, and instead develop together with furniture, home decoration and interior design enterprises, and provide consumers with one-stop and integrated home furnishing solutions and services.However, the integration of home furnishing and home textile is not only reflected in the simple superposition of product categories, but also in the context of different consumer demands set by enterprises to meet multi-level consumer demands.

Modern lifestyles and changing needs do demand a practical approach to home furnishings and textiles. The sense of awareness among the consumers is certainly remarkable and the producers ability to translate, innovate and create has created opportunities for profiting from the growing consumer demand.